Friday, November 14, 2008


My thoughts are all messed up about this. I need an explanation. I understand the majority-Christians look at love as between a man and a woman. Of course they also believe in the more common love; that of parents loving their children and “loving one's neighbor as yourself”. They also believe in the love of God. But they seem to set aside a different love for thier spouses. That’s the love I need an explanation for. I need to understand how that kind of love could not apply to Homosexuals such as myself. I am not a bad person, nor is my boyfriend. When I look in his eyes I say “wow I love you, just control your gas when we are around guests”. Who could say that isn’t love? Isn’t that special love just the ability to love someone for who and what they are, no matter what? For better or for worse, as some say. Do they think two men- or women- are physically incapable of this?

What is it they are thinking? Looking at the Christian Bible it clearly says “Love bears all things”. Are they saying this verse means nothing when dealing with men loving men or women loving women? Are they saying “love only bears the things we wish it too”?

Then there’s sex. Why are the majority-Christians so concerned with sex? Do they not know there is more to life and marriage than sex? Do they sit around and picture what others do in bed? Do they genuinely say to themselves “Gee I wonder what Sally and Fred are doing in the sack tonight? I do hope it's God approved.” I don’t think so. But it seems they do sit around and say “Gee I wonder what Sam and Fred are doing in bed. It’s probably not God approved.” Are they just big pervs? Really! Isn’t that some sort of sin of lust to try and picture others in bed? Not that I’m that against porn, but aren’t they against it?

I read an article recently about a pastor named Ed Yong of the Fellowship church in Dallas Texas. He is encouraging the married people of his church to have sex for 7 days to “re-claim sex and marriage”. Did they loose the sanctity of marriage somehow? Did the big gay monster come to thier church and take thier freedom of religion from them? So what is love to them? Is it only between a man and a woman? Is it just the sex they have? Who defines Love? Human kind? Is that it? Is it God? Cause if it is I would imagine love being a lot larger then just the act of sex.

Seriously though, if majority-Christians truly cared one smidge about marriage they would try to do something about divorce. You know the whole “remove the plank form your own eye before the attempt to get one out of your neighbors"?

Anyhoo, I will write a bit about myself in a later blog. I just wanted to get this out and hopefully get a few responses. Feel free to be angry or happy about what I say. All thoughts are welcome.William