Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Thoughts to get out

The people I love still love me; the people I thought loved me, have turned against me. Even I did. It seems today that I remember a time that I was whole or at least better put together. What does one do? Where to start? I had friends at work, which I felt moderately close to. They hurt and betrayed me. The retributions have been endless. I suppose it could have something to do with me being gay. Probably just that I am too neurotic.
Trust. How am I to place it in others? I feel as though I’ve lost nearly all moral compass to navigate my way through the jerks and jerkettes. When did people become so stubborn and vengeful? I am culpable to this to I suppose. Maybe I have not been willing to listen enough. So is it my fault? Did I do something to bring this “Karma” down on me?
How does it go? Do unto others and you want them to do to you? Does anyone believe in that anymore?

Here it is. We are all at fault and we all have different ideas. We are all selfish. What we need to do is forgive, and then let it go. I’m tired of old grudges. I’m Tired.